Therapist and Astrologer

Therapist & Astrologer

Working as a therapist for the last decade, I realized that everyone is unique in the things they need, how they process emotions, the way they think, and their personal gifts and challenges. I came to know individuals over time through our therapeutic work and I would be able to slowly identify these aspects in each of them. I knew there were patterns and similarities in this. When I dove deep into astrology, I discovered that our uniqueness can be found right there on the very day we are born, in our birth charts. The study of astrology has taught me to read birth charts and allows me to instantly see these qualities in a person. What once took a significant amount of time and a relationship to build, now is understandable at first glance.

Astrology is a visual language that holds patterns and destinies. It is through studying our own astrology that we can better understand our own patterns, gifts, challenges, and roles in this lifetime. Through my study at the Debra Silverman Applied Astrology Program, I have the skills to be able to read and interpret this language. Studying my own birth chart and tracking the astrological patterns has been helpful for me as an individual in growing my self-awareness, self-acceptance, and courage to step into the challenges and destinies that my chart holds.  The acquisition of this knowledge has been monumental in my own healing. I have witnessed with clients the support, validation, and relief that comes with their knowledge of their cosmology. Knowing our cosmology is like giving ourselves permission to be ourselves without having to pretend or conform to the norms that society sets for us. We can find comfort in knowing that our fire sun makes us bold and strong, but our water moon makes us sensitive and want to hide. When we come to understand that this is a challenge that we came into this lifetime to work out, we can surrender to the authenticity of who we are and live with confidence in our own shoes. 

I have been integrating the use of astrology in my therapeutic work with clients as a means to understand, support, and work with our unique energy. It is not a requirement to be a therapeutic client, but there is an invitation to integrate the two languages of therapy and astrology to achieve a higher level of awareness and tools for ones healing journey. 


When each of us are born, the doctor announces the time on the clock and that birth time, place, and location- make up a unique energy signature for who we are. Imagine that at that time, some one took a picture of the sky. That is your birth chart! Our Birth chart holds the structure of where the planets were at the exact moment of our birth. The planets are likely dispersed into different signs, houses, and configurations that create aspects and in essence- US. It is through studying and coming to understand our birth chart that we get the deeper cosmic knowledge of who we are.

Natal Birth Chart Reading...1hr

This one hour session is a full natal birth chart reading. Our natal birth chart is in essence a snapshot of the sky when we are born. This chart never changes and is the basis for our cosmic understanding of ourselves. In this session you will receive a breakdown of the different astrological signs, houses, and aspects that makes up the unique essence of who you are. We will cover important areas such as your responsibility in this life time, your challenges, your gifts, and clear and direct ways to work with this energy to step into the highest version of yourself.

Current Astrological forecast...1hr

It is recommended to have a natal birth chart reading first to better understand your cosmology, but continuing to study and unpack your birth chart will allow you to navigate the current energies with more ease. In an astrological forecast reading, we will look at the current transiting planets and how these planets are currently effecting you. It is through the comparison of the natal birth chart to the current transiting chart that allows us to see the individual aspects the planets have on us.