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Heal Your Relationships by Being the Friend You Want

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Every relationship has its times of difficulty, and that includes family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, and romantic involvements.  Personalities come into play all the time and affect every relationship in your life.  Have you been asking yourself why your apologies mean nothing to the people closest to you?  Have you been asking yourself why you can’t seem to treat the people in your life that you love like you actually care about them?

The answer to why is probably simple.  It’s not an answer you may want to hear, but until you take some time to digest certain truths, there will be little you can do to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from developing meaningful and long-lasting friendships. 

What it really boils down to, though, are two things:  Your upbringing and your expectations.

The manner in which you behave in relationships can be attributed to a variety of things.  What it really boils down to, though, are two things:  Your upbringing and your expectations.  Your family life taught you how to communicate, and your expectations of other people tend to determine your mood fluctuations.  Somebody may not have shown appreciation for something you did in the way you thought they should have, and you feel used.  Somebody may have a manner of showing affection that’s different from what you’re accustomed to, so you react emotionally because it’s not something you recognize. 

Early Family Life & Upbringing

Let’s back up, though, and get back to your upbringing.  Think about all the behaviors you always despised in the people who raised you.  Now take an honest look at yourself.  Is it possible that you’re affecting people the same way?  You may have told yourself that you would never act that way, but did these negative habits permeate your behavior, anyway?

Now, the challenge is identifying evidence of those behaviors when they arise and finding ways to adjust your behavior.  One great way to get a healthy kick start on identifying unhealthy behaviors and their sources is to engage in at least one session of hypnotherapy.  A trained hypnotherapist can help you see images and recall situations from the past more vividly.  The more clearly you’re able to see a picture, the more effectively you will be able to edit it.  Hypnotherapy can also be the motivating tool you need for effective and lasting change. 

Expectations play a role, too

Identifying harmful behaviors is just the beginning.  That’s where understanding your expectations comes in.  Expectations are really not much more than premeditated resentments.  When you’re carrying expectations of other people in regards to their actions and reactions, you’re not allowing them their individual right to feel and process the way they need to.  In order to change your behavior that tends to negatively affect your friends, you must first work on changes your perceptions, outlooks, and expectations. 

Holistic psychotherapy can be a great tool in adjusting the way we perceive and react to life

Holistic psychotherapy is a lot like regular therapy in that you have the opportunity to examine your truths with a trained professional who will help you set goals and practice more positive methods of communication.  Holistic psychotherapy goes even further, though, and takes all aspects of your life into consideration, including your eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise, hobbies, and everything else that is a part of and impacts your life. 

We work together to discover healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation, art, and other avenues of expression to create a custom plan for your continued growth and wellness.

The goal of holistic psychotherapy is to help you change your life in all areas so that it becomes easier and easier to seek your highest self and live in the light in which you were intended to live.  Making life changes and behavioral adjustments can seem overwhelming at first.  All you need, though, is a willingness to identify the negativity in your life and an open mind to learn how to fill all those empty voids with positive energy.  After a bit of practice, you will be the type of friend you want and you will attract an abundance of love and positivity.