We all crave change. Transformation, metamorphosis, growth, evolution.

Change is natural- but sometimes we need help moving in the right direction.  

That’s where Heart Therapy comes in.  We’ve been helping clients transform their lives, relationships, and dreams from the ground up for years.

healing for the mind, body, and soul

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Modern Therapy for our crazy world

Hi! I’m Molly...

It breaks my heart when I see people not be able to get the help they need and are left suffering alone. I am saddened that this world does not teach us the skills we need to truly be happy or fulfill our souls purpose.

I want you to have the tools and resources to heal. I want to help you understand how your mind, body, and spirit work together to support your highest and best self.

I want you to have the ability to love yourself fully.

So I’ve created this practice. This space. I hold this time for you to discover, create, and be the you that you are destined to be.

Right now I want you to dedicate time to your health and allow yourself the opportunity to heal if you need to.  You can call, email, or schedule a consultation to begin this journey.

It all begins now, there is only now. With all of my love,


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are you ready for change?

We utilize a variety of techniques and practice from different theories such as EMDR, mindfulness, and client centered approaches. Modalities and treatment plans are customized to each individual.

We’re open for new clients in the Sioux City area for Therapy services.